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Smithfield - Folding Bike Race

Every Last year on a Saturday summer evening, a crowd gathers in the Smithfield zone of London to watch the Smithfield Nocturne Bicycle Races. Here, all types of wheelers from amateur to professional race along the asphalt surrounding the historical Smithfield market area to find just who is fastest on London's inner-city streets. In 2009, Keith Henderson won the amateur class in the folding bicycle raceway, making it his second triumph in a row.

Can you provide a little background about yourself?

I'm thirty-five, and originate from Scotland, but I spent my youth growing up in the South of England, and then Bahrain, before going back to Scotland for secondary schooling. I have a degree in Three Dimensional Design and work as a Product Managing Director and on product developing plans for Vitsœ, the London located companionship who produce the 606 Universal Shelving System which was Designed by Dieter Rams in 1960.

How many cycle raceways do you enter in a twelvemonth and typically what kind of raceways are they?

I am a member of the Southborough Cyclists, and take part in some of their Time Runs throughout the year. I also enter Sportives - two years ago I did the 'Hell of the Ashdown' in February, the 'Dragon Ride' in June and then the 'Etape du Tour' in July. The two Smithfield Nocturne folding wheel raceways are the only road running style events I've ever entered.

This is your 2d win at the Smithfield Nocturne. What is your secret to winning the raceway?

It's such a short tight course that tactics and position definitely play a role. One thing I've not done, is try to be the first in the sprint for the cycles. I'm not a runner, and my elbows don't fly as high as some of the other competitors! So, it's best to leave them to it and hope that I can unfold my bike speedily with no troubles and do the catching up on the bike

Why a folding cycle?

About 4 years ago, I came in my first Cyclo Sportive on a mountain bike, which resulted in the buy of a road wheel. Having moved to Tunbridge Wells, I nowadays commute to London by train and use a wheel at either end. About 3 twelvemonths ago, the train companionships banned full-size bikes during rush hr, so I was forced into the world of folding bicycles. Two months of search after I was the proud owner of a Dahon Folding Bikes having concluded that they had the best wheel for me.

Tell us about the cycle you ride.

I ride the Dahon Mu SL because for daily commuting on a train it is absolutely ideal. It's very light for taking down the train platform, it's very quickly and easily to fold, and above all it rides more like a proper cycle. The greatest light cycles are very tough and are great at dealing with the very bumpy roads in London. They are still totally true after three twelvemonths of riding. Also, I have never had to adjust the gears in three years of use..

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