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Get Your Dahon Folding Bike Now!

The Folding Bicycle Solution
For anybody who is just like a lot of Londoners, its possible you have problems finding a secure and dry place to place your bicycle at your home. The tiny apartment refuses to budge one more inch, and the road seems to be the place bicycles get left to find new owners. It's also possible to would like to ride to your job, but parking is hard to find. If you try to get your bicycle into your building, the concierge looks at your bicycle like it was a huge wheeled rat and refuses to let you onto the escalator. You may also long to take your bicycle along on vacation that requires transportation, but cannot because of rush hours restrictions or outright bans on bicycles on trains or buses. The solution you are looking for is likely to be a folding bicycle.

Folding bicycles could be taken with you directly into your house, onto elevators, and into your work. This works extremely well if you also cover your bicycle so that nobody has the possiblity to register "bicycle" and react to it.

Folding bicycles also just rarely suffer the indignity of getting stolen, simply because for the most part, the bicycle does not leave your sight. Forget about of that anticipation and dread as you walk back to your street-parked bicycle: "Will it still be there today?" There is also no need to carry a heavy NYC-proof lock with you while cycling.

Throw away your assumptions about rickety, heavy folding bicycles that are really difficult to fold, fall apart while you're cycling, perform badly, provide you with a bad ride, or need a lot of pedaling. Nowadays there are several good quality models and makes to choose from that alternately optimise simple folding and folding size, overall performance, ride, and cost.

Typical to most models is that the handling is more responsive than on a full-size bicycle, and that usually takes some getting used to. It's not recommended that you ride a folding bicycle with no hands or try any cute stunts. Gears on small-wheeled folding bicycles are higher to compensate, but limited gearing on some models may slow you down. If that is a major problem for you, you should look more toward higher end "performance" folding bicycles. If you plan to take a lot of trips that utilize transportation, a bicycle that folds easily and compactly may be best for you. If you're a tall rider, you may want to look at how each one type of folding bicycle can adjust to fit you.

As with any buy, ask yourself how you want to use the bicycle and try to find the one that matches your needs best. Do not forget - you often get what you pay for and that a lower-quality bicycle may make you want you had bought a better bike in the first place. The better quality folding bicycles may be high-priced, but considering that a typical non-folding bicycle takes up more than 20 feet square in an apartment, you'll save perhaps $10,000 over 10 years by being able to get a slightly smaller house. Which means you can't afford not to get a good-quality folding bicycle.

Remember that folding bicycles aren't for the shy. You'll be asked about your bicycle constantly on the streets of London, so get ready to become a spokesperson for whatever bicycle you choose. Folding bicycles are apparently the most thrilling sight many Londoners have ever seen!
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